5 Steps to a Web Development Process Creating Websites

Nov 22, 2022

Whether you need a website just to have an online presence, it is the required to fully operate your company or you need a professional website to run your business and generate leads or sales, working with a web design company Dubai can help you create a website that will contribute achieving all goals of your business.

The process of developing a website is often straightforward and you can hire in-house developers or a professional from an SEO agency Dubai to do the work. The most common steps of website development are as follows:


Before you start working on any part of the website, you need to gather as much information as you can to ensure that you will create a relevant and useful website. All the information you gather will serve as a guide for the person or people who will create the website.

Aside from looking into what must be seen on your website, check the websites of competitors to see how they present their products and services. Look for:

5 Steps to a Web Development Process Creating Websites

  • Service/Product components
  • Industry or market demand
  • Features or Special offers
  • Structure of their site
  • Content quality


To create a website that serves various purposes of your business, you need to carefully plan the appearance, content, navigation, and uses of the website. You may work with your in-house team or service providers specializing in website development Dubai to create a wireframe or blueprint for your website.

This will help you visualize the appearance of the website, including the placement of texts, images, and buttons.

To make this easier, answer the following questions

  • What is your goal for creating a website?
  • Who is your audience and what do you want them to do on your website?
  • What type of website are you building and what pages will you add?
  • What content are you planning to add to your website?
  • What is your budget?

Implementation and Development

Once you’ve planned the details, you may start working on the design, programming, and content of the website. While some developers usually do these processes, separately, the end goal is to have all three elements working together to achieve the website.

To ensure that the final product will be beneficial to your business, answer the following questions while working with your chosen team or a technician from a digital marketing agency Dubai:

  • What is the goal of each individual page?
  • How will you organize the pages? Are you going to create categories?
  • What is the hierarchy of the pages?


Before the website is made available to other users, you need to make sure that everything is working as properly. Work with your provider for SEO services in Dubai to make sure that the contents of the website meet SEO requirements and that all pages are properly linked. You also need to check if buttons, other applications, and all forms are working well. If there are any issues, resolve them immediately.


Once you have completed the test and you have a fully functioning website, you may proceed to launch your website to the public. Only your programming team will be needed during the technical side of the launch.

Before this, the live environment for hosting the project should already be set up and ready for them just to install the application.

And do not forget to add your GA.

Launch the live version a day before the advertised date to ensure that users will be able to access the page during the specified date and time.

Whether you need help with website development and SEO or need other digital marketing services to increase your business’ conversions, we at Creativo can help you reach your full potential.

With our digital marketing services covering e-commerce, app development, web design, SEO, SEM, and SMM, we are a digital media company in Dubai that can help you create a customized strategy for your business. Get in touch with us!

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