7 Ways To Recover Rankings After Google Algorithm Updates

Jul 20, 2022

Google Algorithm updates are not a rare occurrence, and a digital marketing company Dubai usually has a lot of things to do once the update rollout is completed. There are times when digital marketers notice fluctuations or irregularities in the performance of their website, so they check for recent actions or changes that may have affected the performance of a site.

In several cases, digital marketers already detect signs that an update is happening before Google confirms it. When this happens, the best SEO company in Dubai must check how their websites are affected. Once the update is confirmed or has finished rolling out, they may dig deeper into the purpose of the update and what steps they could take to recover if the update negatively affected a website’s rankings.

Here are some steps you or SEO agency UAE can do after the update:

  1. Check how your website was affected

To determine the next steps that you and your marketers must make, you need to know and understand how the update affected your rankings and performance.

  1. Check the performance of the top 5 competitors

If you are serving the same target market and using almost the same marketing strategy, their websites are probably affected by the update too. If not, you may review their website and see what they are doing that you may apply to your website.

  1. Review Google’s take on the update

This is only available for updates that are announced and confirmed by Google. Aside from providing a clearer perspective of what the update is about, Google also provides some tips and advice on what brands and marketers must do to recover from the update.

4. Establish expertise, authority, and trust

Transparency is one of the best ways to earn the trust of your customers and website visitors. If you are offering content about certain topics, providing the name and some basic information about the content creators will help establish expertise and authority.

7 Ways To Recover Rankings After Google Algorithm Updates

  1. Publish Quality Content

Provide your website visitors with timely and relevant content. As much as possible, check the work before publishing to eliminate or minimize errors that may be easy to notice for your readers.

  1. Improve page experience

Make sure that your website interface is user-friendly. Use font styles and sizes that are easy to read and make the website pages easy to navigate. Whether you’re offering online services and products, especially if you own an online shop, having a good ecommerce web design Dubai, can provide your website visitors with a more flawless experience.

  1. Resolve technical issues

One of the reasons that may drive website visitors away is technical issues within the website. Basically, new or existing features Google is focusing on to improve user experience. Whenever you update or create a page, make sure that all buttons, widgets, and functions are working properly. If you are not familiar with these, you may seek assistance from web design company Dubai to fix the errors and improve the design of your website.

Whether you need an SEO agency to help improve the page rankings website or business or you need assistance in designing a new marketing strategy to increase your business’ conversions, we at Creativo can help clients reach their full potential with our digital marketing services covering e-commerce, app development, web design, SEO, SEM, and SMM. We are an online digital media company in Dubai that can help you create a customized strategy for your business.

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