Anybody can do Organic Social Media

Apr 23, 2024

Nowadays social media is a must have for a lot of companies. When asked why the company is engaging in social media the answers vary:

  • Because our competitors are doing it
  • We were asked to do it
  • Its free
  • Some of our employees recommended it

When looking at the social media accounts of companies who offered one of the above answers, you will quickly see that they are doing most things wrong.   

Not everybody can run their own social media.

Running social media accounts organically is not easy. It requires a strategy, goals and employees who can bring the strategy to live and focus on achieving the goals with the selection of the right platform(s), audience, tone of voice, purpose, asset creation, sufficient time and much, much more.

Nothing is free in business. To achieve success with the selected social media platforms the company needs to make sure that each employee from all departments is aware of the company’s intention for all their social media account(s). If this is not the case, outsource your requirements.

Should the company decide to outsource this task, it would do well to hire a professional and experienced company which is operating in the social media sphere.

Such companies are an easy find, just review their social media account. Check what they are doing, how old the account is, the quality and consistency of their posts, the assets created, and content written, how many followers they have and how they engage with their community.

Arrange for a meeting and just ask them what they could do for you and how they would achieve set target(s). Let them show you some sample work and their financial expectation.

If your company decides to engage in social media, do it for the right reasons and with the right people. Otherwise, you will not only lose money and time but also your good will with existing and potential clients.

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