Apple Search Ads for your eCommerce Mobile App

Nov 18, 2021

Mobile app development for your eCommerce business is one of the best ways to reach a larger market. If done properly, it can also make things easier for your target audience. However, simply creating a mobile app is not enough. You need effective eCommerce marketing strategies to increase your visibility and get more people to download your mobile app and use it as intended.

No matter how unique your offer is, it’s inevitable to have competition in the market. Hence, utilizing mobile app marketing can help you get ahead of your competitors. Combining organic marketing efforts with Search ads can significantly increase your visibility to potential clients, as well as increase your conversion rate.

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Users who see ads for apps on different social media sites and online platforms are often not looking for a new app to install right away. However, users who are already on the app store are already sure that they will install a certain app. Hence, App store optimization can help push your mobile app to users who are more likely to install apps that are similar or related to what they are looking for.

Basic vs advanced: which is better for your eCommerce mobile app?

Search Ads Basic is very easy to set up. Using this version, your developers or marketers only need to set the budget and Apple will automatically choose the keywords and target audiences for your ads. While it lacks options for customization, it can be advantageous to small and start-up businesses since they only need to pay per install.

Search Ads Advanced gives developers and marketers complete access to their campaign data, including (but not limited to) daily impressions, number of installs, and keywords that provide the most value. It also offers more control over the campaigns, allowing developers/marketers to manually choose keywords and target demographics.

If you are looking for a reliable digital marketing agency that can give you the best advice to optimize your search ads campaign, Creativo offers a range of digital marketing solutions to help businesses achieve their full potential in the digital space.

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