Be Visible: 97% of Consumers Go Online!

Jun 14, 2020

Based on research, 97% of consumers search for businesses online. When your customers are online, your business should be too.

One of the most valuable benefits of an internet-savvy marketing approach is the increased online visibility of a business and reaching a wider audience with a strategic and well-planned marketing approach. The more online visibility your business has, the more likely people within your market will look to you for necessary products or services.

Internet marketing strategies, such as professional SEO services and paid ads, can help a business build a strong online presence and brand awareness. This will make your business recognizable to your target customers so that, when they’re ready to buy, they come to you.

How To Increase Online Visibility?

There are different strategies to apply when it comes to increasing your business’ online visibility. Ideally, a strong online visibility campaign should combine as many of these practices as possible, as they will support one another in increasing your company’s searchability.

  1. be visible onlineRemodel Your Website – Is the structure of your website easy to use and navigate? Do people quickly find the content they’re looking for? If not, try to improve the overall look and layout of your website design. After analyzing the required changes needed, it is also a great idea to always ask the customers for their suggestions. In line with this, hiring experts who offer such services are the best option.
  2. Publish regular blog content – Companies that focus on online marketing in Dubai believe that publishing regular content is a great way to increase your online visibility and attract traffic to your website. Additionally, content publishing gives you the chance to provide your website visitors with informative content that can help build a relationship that may result in sales and promotion in the future. Moreover, providing informative and useful content encourages your website visitors to share your content on other platforms like social media, which can introduce additional consumers to your business.
  3. Encourage your customers to leave online reviews – There is no doubt that reviews are vital for any business. Online reviews help to improve your online visibility by increasing your footprint online. Research says that the majority of online consumers are looking for online reviews before choosing a business to work with. Hence, it is easy for your customers to access your review profiles by creating a dedicated page on your website that features all of those reviews.
  4. Get active on a few social media networks – With different social media networks available out there, it can be not easy to participate in all of them effectively. Therefore, it is important to choose two or three platforms that you know, without a doubt, that your target audience is active on. At the moment, Facebook and Instagram are two social networks that work for the majority of businesses.
  5. Implement SEO on your website – SEO Dubai is one of the most effective strategies in increasing your business’ online visibility. By creating quality content and using basic on-page search engine optimization strategies, you can help your content rise in the search engine results.

The overall visibility of your business is a direct result of your marketing strategies. By analyzing and monitoring your online presence and tracking your progress, you can better understand whether your marketing is working.

Creativo has been creating and implementing innovative and cost-effective digital marketing campaigns that leave lasting impressions, result in greater engagement, generate higher inquiries and help businesses better connect with their customers. To know more about how we can help in increasing your business’ online visibility. Get in touch with us today.

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