Branded Keywords – What Is It, And Why Is It Important?

Aug 17, 2020

Effective SEO services play a vital part in modern marketing as it helps in bringing a strong web presence that will generate business leads and sales. Branded keywords are intended to guide online searchers looking for a business or product based on their knowledge of the brand.


What are branded keywords?

Branded keywords are search terms that include your website’s brand name or variations and are unique to your domain. These types of keywords are often called navigational queries because people searching for them are usually trying to get to a specific website or web page. With that being said, branded keywords have a higher click-through rate compared to generic keywords. Research shows that 50% or more people who search for brands click on the top-ranking page. On the other hand, keywords that do not reference a brand name or any part of it (including any misspellings) are considered non-branded keywords.


Why are branded keywords important?

For a lot of established businesses, their branded keywords make up a majority of their keyword profile. If people search for your brand or products by your business name, they’re likely more in-depth within the sales funnel. In line with this, Google has found that branded keywords have more two times higher conversion rates when compared to non-branded queries.

Reputable digital marketing agencies say that by relying on the strength of a brand and integrating branded search tactics with current non-branded search strategies, your business can discover more qualified leads/sales — and, as a result, increase conversions.


Branded vs. Non-Branded Keywords

Branded keywordsBoth branded and non-branded keywords are essential in digital marketing. They demonstrate different search intent and reach users at various stages of the buying process.

Non-branded keywords are the common queries used at the beginning of the conversion funnel that aims to win several readers and visitors to your website. However, it is highly important to make sure that non-branded keywords have enough search volume. You can find each keyword’s search volume through the use of a Google keyword planner.

On the other hand, branded keywords will be vital in the most advanced stages of the conversion funnel. That is when consumers already understand who the possible companies and brands are to solve their problems.

Furthermore, considering that consumers have other options to resort to, ensuring a quick and definitive response in your search can be an excellent incentive for winning that customer. So, in this case, it is branded keywords that will guarantee success.

An effective online marketing strategy requires a mix of both branded and non-branded keywords. However, determining where to incorporate them is a challenge for many business owners.


If you want to improve your online presence and reach more customers, Creativo can help. We’ll do an in-depth keyword research about your business and use our industry experience to determine the best possible search terms to help you reach your goals.

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