Determine How Deeply Your SERP is Being Affected by PAA “People also ask”

Jan 20, 2022

The growing variety of Google search results sometimes feels exhausting for SEO professionals and business owners alike, but it all comes with advantages as well.
The positive side is that, with all these SERP features, there are now more ways to gain additional exposure in search and stand out from the rest of the search engine result pages.

Being featured as an answer to “People Also Ask” (PAA) questions is one of the good opportunities SERPs offer now to businesses. It is a great way of getting ahead of the competition and catching the interest of your prospective audience online.

What is a “People Also Ask” Box?

The PAA box is a Google SERP feature that shows results that answers questions related to the user’s initial query. Each PAA box has anywhere from one to four related questions. When clicked, these questions expand and show direct answers that Google has pulled from other websites. The site’s URL is shown below each answer, along with a “Search for” link, which guides the user to a Google SERP of the PAA question.

People also ask

How to optimize for PAA?

People Also Ask questions are generated through the Google algorithm. There are no markups available for being included in SERPs as answers to PAA questions.

However, this does not mean that there is no way that your webpage can be considered for PAA. There are a few optimizations on which digital marketing professionals have agreed to influence PAA answers:

  • Provide short, but complete questions and answers
  • Write in plain, non-sales, language
  • Use Question and Answer schema using terms from your keyword research.

PAA can help you increase website traffic and eventually sales if you are willing to spend time understanding how your organic visibility can be influenced by such features.

For more assistance in understanding PAA and other SERP features as well as online marketing strategies such as local SEO and SEM, feel free to get in touch with Creativo at +971 4 568 4391.

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