Digital Marketing Agency vs. Freelancers: Who to Choose?

Feb 14, 2021

In today’s world, digital marketing is an inevitable part of any business. It gives your business greater exposure and lets you turn it into a recognizable and authoritative brand. Now, the question is – how do you choose the right people to handle your online business?


One of the most vital aspects of building a successful online presence is making sure that you have a solid marketing approach. Who you choose to build your marketing strategy will make all the difference. You can decide to go with a digital marketing agency or decide to work with a freelance marketer. But which one is better to hire a marketing agency or a freelancer?


There are pros and cons to both options. Below are the main 3 key differences:


Project Management


Freelancers: Hiring a freelancer gives you something in-between the end-to-end management from an agency and the full ownership of an in-house team. To start, freelancers need your guidance and direction to begin a new project. They rarely work on developing your strategy but rather put into action the plan you’ve developed.


Digital Marketing Agency: Hiring an agency for your online advertising efforts means taking the stress of strategizing and marketing off your shoulders. On line marketing agencies offer complete project management. This means that you do not need to sign-off on each step of the marketing process because you hired a team of subject matter experts to manage the strategy. This also means that you have more time to focus on growing your business and less worrying about how much more you could be doing with your marketing.




Freelancers: most of the time, focus only on one specific areas of development or marketing. As a result, assembling a team of freelancers mirrors the experience of building an in-house team, only without the perk of gaining new knowledge and with absolutely no control.


Digital Marketing Agency: A digital marketing agency usually hires top-notch professionals to handle every aspect of their digital marketing services, from social media experts via SEO experts to proper developer and designers. In addition to this, professionals in a marketing agency usually attend courses and seminars to ensure that they are updated with the industry’s current trends.




Freelancers: Obviously, the main advantage of hiring a freelancer can save costs. However, it’s important to remember that “cheap” is not the same as “cost effective.” You might save some money hiring a freelancer to manage one piece of your marketing strategy, but you’ll soon realize that no one person can do it all. 


Digital Marketing Agency: With an agency, pricing is typically based on individual projects and services. However, the added expense may be justified by the agency’s ability to ensure service continuity and accountability.


Which option is better for you?


Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It all comes down to the value that the digital marketing agency or a freelancer brings to your business. Both approaches require you to set clear goals and partner with the right people to help you meet these goals. 


If you choose to work with a high-performance digital marketing agency for your online marketing in Dubai, get in touch with Creativo and access our team of professionals who can help your business grow online. 

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