Does Google Ads work for small businesses?

Oct 13, 2019

Most of the time, small businesses struggle with limited resources, it can be hard to decide what is the best platform to allocate your marketing budget.

Paid search, also known as pay-per-click, is a powerful digital marketing tool for online advertising in UAE, especially for small businesses. Using platforms like Google Ads, small businesses are able to run ads in search results when people search for relevant search terms, and only pay when someone actually clicks the ad. This platform can be cost effective when managed well, However, when mismanaged, it can cause small business owners to throw money away.

Advantages of SEM Dubai for Small Business
  • Google Ads for small businesses Reach the right customers at the right time- Advertising in Google ads allow you to reach customers at the exact moment they are searching for what you have to offer. As long as your ads are relevant to the search term, the possibility for the customer in clicking is high.
  • Get results fast – Optimizing your site for search engines can take a while to show results. While SEO is critical for any business to thrive online, Google Ads will get you results faster compared to SEO.
  • Measurable and optimizable – Everything you do with Google advertising is measurable. This means that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns at any time. In line with this, Google ads allow you to easily see your conversions, costs, clicks, visits and much, much more.
  • Brand recognition – With Google Ads, you can target keywords relevant to your business so that customers searching for those keywords will constantly see your ads, which will eventually result in improved brand recognition.
  • Get a full control of your budget – With Google Ads, you have full control of how much you are willing to spend for each campaign. You can control everything starting from the maximum bid on the ad to the daily budget of the campaign.
How to start advertising in Google Ads?

First of all, it is important to make sure that your website is up to standard. Ideally, it should be fully responsive to all devices so that its optimal for viewing on mobiles and desktops. It should layout your content about your products and or services in a clear and easily navigate-able manner and overall impart a good user experience.

Should I use a PPC Agency in Dubai?

You can manage Google Ads yourself, but keep in mind that it requires enough time to manage and the lack of knowledge will result in an advertising campaign that is far less effective than managed by experts in this field.

A good third-party company that offers online marketing Dubai, like Creativo will expertly manage and continue to optimize your campaign for the growth of your business. For nearly two decades of working in the marketing industry, Creativo has watched trends come and go as well as particular methods used to increase a business’s revenue and customer acquisition. We surely know the right strategic approach to get the best ROI for your business. To learn more about how we can help you start and manage Google Ads campaigns, get in touch with us at or +971 4568 4882.

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