Effective Tips to Launch Your Video Marketing Campaign

Oct 4, 2015

Video ads have become the perfect medium to enhance your existing marketing strategies. They not only help you nurture leads, but also close deals. Through videos, marketers will be able to educate, inspire and even entertain prospects, thus cultivate engagement.

Videos Are Engaging

Buyers have a lot of entrepreneurs, from different industries, vying for their attention on the web. Consumers constantly encounter sales pitches, case studies, product information and so on, whether it’s on YouTube or their social network.

Modern marketers need to step up their game by creating content that seem like it’s not asking for something in return. Video marketing is perfect for that. Web users are watching more and more video online. According to Cisco, streaming video will make up 79 percent of all Internet traffic by 2018.

video marketing campaignLaunch Your Video Campaign

So you’ve already decided that your company should begin using video ads in order to engage your audiences. What’s the first step should be in building a video marketing strategy?

Dedicate Resources. Every entrepreneur may worry about the needed budget. However, with video marketing, you don’t have to spend millions for a studio and a dedicated video team. You can invest in a good HD-quality camera, and shoot in the office.

Unique Content. There’s no shortage of potential video content. Instead, think of what you want your audience to know about your products and services. Make it fun, authentic, and humanize your brand. Try product demos to educate audiences.

Feature People. Put a human face on the company. Featuring customers and their experience can create the most compelling stories. Ask your partners talk about their businesses, and why they work with you. Involve thought leaders to quickly build trust.

Keep It Short. Viewers have short attention spans so you have to keep it short, especially the introduction part. You may not be able to feature everything about your company in under a minute. You need to build a video library gradually.

Call To Action. AS a viewer nears the end of your video, don’t show her a blank screen. Provide a CTA that points to related videos, sales landing page, etc. You can also give him your company’s contact information, a poll test, or an invitation to a webinar.

Spread The Word. A good strategy is to pop your videos on YouTube, your own website, and even share it on social media platforms, to expand your reach. YouTube is great because it performs well in Google search results, and it’s free!

Measurement. To know whether your videos are successful, you need to measure performance and analytics. You may check the duration of views, repeat views, and drop-off rates. Collect data on how viewers engage with them to know which areas to improve.

Choose Video Marketing

Video usage is growing, thus businesses can no longer ignore it as a viable marketing channel. It allows businesses to create and share remarkable content with their audience, in a way that plain text will never match. Not all people have the patience or time to read through a lengthy product description. Videos, to them, offer convenience..

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