Examples of Subliminal Advertising

Jan 17, 2021

Online marketing in Dubai has evolved over the years. A lot of marketers have been trying different types of online advertisements, including subliminal advertising. 


What is subliminal advertising?


Subliminal advertising is an advertising strategy where you create a message through an image, a video, sound, or text that will go completely unnoticed by people’s conscious mind, being processed unconsciously and will try to tell the user to buy something, for instance.


In other words, the purpose of this type of advertising is to try to work with the user’s unconscious mind so he/she will feel the need to acquire the product or service being promoted.


In fact, there are lots of big brands like Amazon, KFC, McDonald’s, and Pepsi who have created several advertising campaigns of this type. They were successful, and it is one of the effective strategies for web marketing.


Top 2 types of Subliminal advertising 


Subliminal advertising in images


When used correctly using images and banners, subliminal advertising generates a very positive impact on a business as images can bring information. The brain stores this data, analyzing the information later, even if you do not consciously do it.


Subliminal advertising on videos


Advertising companies in the UAE say that when creating videos for subliminal advertising, marketers have more options for a series of elements that the user will not consciously process. Additionally, several aspects can be worked on in a video advertisement, including the use of sounds, colors, and suggestive environments.


Creating Subliminal Ads through Google Display Ads


Google display ads are the visual banner ads you see online. Most of the time, they consist of image ads or rich media ads that can show when people are browsing online, watching videos, checking Gmail, or using other apps. Hence, these ads can be used for subliminal advertising. This type of ad is often shown on sites that are not owned by Google but are a part of the Google Network. 


Furthermore, Google Display Ads are ideal for businesses that want to build brand awareness. It is shown in places where a potential customer may be found. These ads keep your product or brand in front of those who are top-of-funnel. Thus, it gives high visibility. By implementing the key features of Google display ads, businesses can also create sublimated advertising in this type of campaign.



There is a lot of money invested in subliminal advertising since it started. If you want to know how your business can leverage the use of sublimated advertising through Google display ads, get in touch with Creativo. We are one of the most reputabledigital agencies in UAE, focusing on digital services such as SEO, PPC, Social Media, web development, and more. Get in touch with us today!

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