Facebook Ad Strategy: How to Simplify Your Campaigns in 2022

May 12, 2022

The behavior of social media, especially Facebook, changes all the time. Hence, it is crucial for technicians working in a digital marketing agency Dubai to be up to date with the latest trends and how users react to them.

Aside from being communication channels, social media platforms now work as sales channels too. They are allowing brands to make simple interactions with potential customers through the help of specialists from digital marketing company Dubai.

So, for anybody who is selling consumer items, this is a great new channel to promote their products. However, your strategy must be adjusted to each individual platform.

Here are some Facebook Ad strategies you can try:

Personalize your ads

Facebook Ads allows marketers and social media agency Dubai to get more valuable information and higher conversion rates by targeting specific audiences. Marketers can use a range of filters so that your Facebook ads will be visible only to those who are qualified.

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Expand your reach through ‘lookalike’ targeting

Your marketing team can use Facebook Ads’ Custom Audiences feature to create a “Lookalike Audience” which are new segments that target that have similar characteristics to your existing audience.

Nurture repeat customers through Ads

Users who have previously purchased from your store are more likely to repeat their transactions if they liked the product/services you offer. Even if their conversion rate is higher, you can always do more to encourage users to become repeat customers. Whether you’re using a separate website for your store that has a unique eCommerce web design Dubai or operating a physical store and use Facebook to expand your reach, you can target them through Facebook ads when new products become available or offer exclusive discounts for repeat purchases.

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