Future of E-commerce Website Development: Trends and Predictions

Jun 25, 2023

E-commerce is an ever-changing industry, and it is expected to keep growing over the years. With its global sales of almost $5.7 trillion in 2022, it remains to be a good option to explore for many businesses. If you’re planning to start an e-commerce business or add e-commerce to your existing business, you will need a service provider who specializes in ecommerce website development to ensure everything is set up properly.

If you already have an e-commerce business or you’re about to start one, here are some of the trends you need to know:

New marketing channels

Aside from ecommerce website development Dubai, you also need to consider how you will reach your potential customers. New marketing channels are expected to emerge, so you need to carefully study which channel will allow you to reach more customers without wasting money. Create a marketing strategy that allows each channel to complement each other for better results.

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Many companies across the world are already using automation for marketing, warehousing, and other purposes where possible. For example, businesses that have massive warehouses use robotics for certain tasks to free their staff, allowing them to focus on more important tasks in the fulfilment process where they can’t use automation. 

Additionally, e-commerce automation is also an option you can explore for your business. Before doing so, you must perform extensive research to determine which software is most suitable for your needs. 

It is also recommended that you work with an ecommerce development company in Dubai when setting it up to make sure your integrations will work properly.

Voice search

The number of conversions from voice searches is increasing. A report suggests that “51% of shoppers use voice search to research items, while 36% use voice search to add relevant products to their shopping lists”. 

Hence, it is important that you optimize your product information pages for common voice search commands. Doing this will also improve your ecommerce SEO Dubai and increase your sales.

If you’re looking for web development services to improve or fix issues on your e-commerce website, our experts at Creativo can help clients reach your full potential. We are a digital media company in Dubai that can help you create a customized strategy for your business.

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