Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid

Jun 30, 2019

It is easy to invest in Google Ads. Once you have selected your keywords, written your ad copies and provided your credit card details, then you can start running your ads. So, what could possibly go wrong?

Google Ads is undeniably one of the best channels to use when it comes to generating leads and sales for your business. However, a lot of business owners end up wasting hundreds, if not thousands of dollars as a result of improper campaign management. Digital marketing companies say that a poorly managed Google Ads account and the campaign could easily be shown to the wrong target audience.

The following are tip top 5 Google Ads mistakes to avoid

1. Not using keyword match types – Google ads let you in the driver’s seat. This means that you get the control and you get to decide which keywords you want to target for your ads. You also have the control of how your keywords match on the queries people are searching in Google. The keyword match types that you need to know include broad match, broad match modifier, phrase match, exact match and negative match.

2. ppc agency in DubaiPoor keyword choices – Irrelevant and low search volume keywords may affect your ads’ quality score. If you are not getting relevant results in your campaign, it may be time to start revising your keywords.

A great PPC agency in Dubai advises not to have more than 20 keywords per ad group as it could mean that your ad copies and keywords are not related. It is recommended that you pause keywords that are not performing in order to avoid excessive spending and look for new keywords with high search volumes in the keyword planner.

3. Lack of negative keywords – Google is not perfect. Even after selecting the best set of keywords, it is still possible that your ads appear in irrelevant searches. This is where negative keywords come in as they are useful in helping you avoid paying for irrelevant searches.

If your campaign is running for a while, look analyze your search term report and start adding negative keywords in ad group or campaign level.

4. Lack of targeting – Targeting is highly important in directing your ads to your target audience and drive conversions. There are different ways you can target your audience such as location, device, gender, etc. Digital marketing companies say that it is also important to make sure that your targeting strategies are aligned to your business goals.

5. Not using ad extensions – Ad extensions are undoubtedly great. They take up more space in the SERP and make your ads bigger. This is great because the bigger your ad is, the higher the chances of your ad getting noticed and clicked at. Make sure to get familiar with the different types of extensions add whatever is suitable for your business.

Running Google ads campaigns can be tricky. A lot of businesses spend a huge amount of money in running campaigns. However, spending more does not mean better results. But, partnering with the right SEM in Dubai like us, Creativo, Google ads can be a powerful marketing tool for your business.

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