How Important is Brand Ranking?

Sep 8, 2019

A brand name allows customers to trust the quality of each service or product that a business offers in the market. Every single mention of a brand name recalls a customer’s perceptions and experiences, regardless if it is positive or negative.

Furthermore, brand ranking is way more than the marketing of designer clothing or anything else. It represents an identity in the market — what the business does, who they are, what standard of quality they provide, trustworthiness, reputation, etc. Hence, internet marketing companies in Dubai say that brand ranking is vital to almost all businesses in any industry.

Why is Brand Ranking so important in Online Search?
  • Brand Ranking_ImportantIt improves your business’ lead generation because it is easier to sell products/services when people trust your brand.
  • Higher conversion rates from acquiring links naturally or through sending out requests to external sites.
  • Search engines, especially Google, are more likely to favor brands when ranking pages on search results, simply because people trust them. This means that your site’s chances of getting higher search rankings for difficult keywords increases, which leads to more relevant and targeted traffic.
Building a Better Brand Recognition

Now that you are fully aware of brand ranking, what can you do to become better known in the market? Aside from local search engine marketing optimizations, here are some other tips for increasing brand awareness online.

Securing Your Brand Name – This simply means making sure that your brand name is yours alone and no other business is using it. It is extra difficult to rank in your brand name if there are two or more brand names out there.

Populate Your Account – It makes no sense to have a Facebook page if you do not have any followers. So, the next step is to fill your page with people who are likely to make use of your services in the future. You can start with the people you already have or past clients you’ve managed to track down.

Get Some Help – Getting help from professionals is one of the best options you have, as they know what to do and are able to guide you in every step of the way. Most of the time, SEO services in the UAE also offers brand marketing services which will help your brand to rank higher in major search engines like Google.

Measuring the success of your online branding campaign:
  • The best metric to assess your brand’s achievements is through the increase in the amount of leads/sales/revenue you have generated.
  • The increase in the percentage of returning visitors on your website.
  • Increase in brand-related search terms.
  • The amount of brand mentions from external links, citations and/or social mentions.
  • Higher number of social media followers, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Nowadays, customers have powerful resources online. Wherever they may be in the world, they can easily access customer reviews, blogs, and competitor’s websites.

In the middle of all these, the better option is for a brand is to fully embrace the natural customer behavior and engage with professional SEO services. If the customers are searching for specific information but cannot find it, they can easily get frustrated. On the other hand, if a brand offers access to everything needed to make a decision, customers will be thrilled.

If you need assistance in brand ranking, get in touch with Creativo. We have years of experience working with different companies in the UAE, so we can surely help your brand to rank. To view more of our services,

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