How TikTok’s Search Algorithms Power Content Discovery

Aug 8, 2022

TikTok has a massive audience and understanding how its algorithm works can do wonders for brands and digital marketing agency Dubai who are planning on using the platform to advertise.

TikTok already clarified that the content which appears on every user’s For You page is curated by the platform’s algorithm based on the user’s interest and interactions. This helps ensure that users can easily find videos that they will enjoy. Brands, especially those who work with social media agency Dubai, must be knowledgeable of all the factors that will help increase the visibility of their content to a broader audience.

Whether you do your marketing in-house or you are working with digital marketing company Dubai, your brand can benefit from learning what your target audiences love and how TikTok serves them the right content. Below are some of the factors that impact TikTok’s recommendations:

tiktok search intent

User interactions
The algorithm analyzes how users interact with content creators and various types of content. These interactions include liking or sharing videos, following content creators or accounts, commenting on TikTok, and creating related content.

Video information
SEO agency Dubai must also be mindful of the information that accompanies their TikTok. Captions, sounds, and hashtags can also affect the discoverability of your content

Device and account settings
Digital marketing agency Dubai may also gather other useful data like the user’s language preference, country setting, and device type. This is useful for global brands that advertise and serve content to users with different nationalities. These preferences will also help determine which type of content resonates well with a specific audience.

According to TikTok, “All these factors are processed by our recommendation system and weighted based on their value to a user. A strong indicator of interest, such as whether a user finish watching a longer video from beginning to end, would receive greater weight than a weak indicator, such as whether the video’s viewer and creator are both in the same country.”

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