How to Create Google-Friendly FAQ

Jul 1, 2022

A website’s FAQ page has two major functions: it is a sales tool, and it provides valuable content for SEO.
If your frequently asked question page is doing just one or none of these, it is now time work on this oft-neglected part of your site. Below are some tips on how to create an SEO-friendly FAQ.

Check analytics regularly

After creating your FAQ page, make sure to regularly check your website’s analytics to see if the page gets traffic and ranks for keyword phrases relevant to your business.

Based on the data you’ll see in Analytics, start asking questions such as:
Were users browsing or are they scrolling through your FAQ page?
How long are they going to stay? Upon looking at the FAQ page, where do they go?
What are the directions they take?
By finding out these useful and actionable insights, you should make changes to improve your FAQ page.

Identify and Incorporate Best Performing Keywords

As part of creating an SEO-friendly FAQ page, you will need to identify through which keywords your website is ranked. This way, you can optimize your FAQ page by incorporating these keywords.
When incorporating these keywords, think of all opportunities you can naturally add to the content of the page. SEO agencies in Dubai say that it is a good SEO practice to add them to the page’s URL and content headers as well as the main body text.

How to Create Google-Friendly FAQ

Implement Structured Data

Adding structured data to your FAQ page is a great option to make your SERP more visually appealing, get a higher click-through rate, and bring you a step ahead of your competitors.  By implementing this structured data, you can make your content eligible to show questions and answers directly on Google Search. Remember that FAQ can be used to provide official questions and answers for single pages.

Build a proper navigational structure

No matter how well-written your FAQ page is, if users get a hard time navigating it, it will lead them to just exit the page. According to digital marketing agencies, giving your FAQ section a good navigational structure will improve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and SEO.

In line with this, if your FAQ page starts to exceed a handful of questions, adding a search option can be a great idea. This will help your visitors find things quicker and easier.

Generally, you need to take the time to understand your audience before creating your FAQ page, put a structure in place, and brainstorm some creative ways to present your questions and answers. Even if you don’t think your audience visits your FAQ page a lot, it is still necessary to optimize it so that your entire website is working for you and generating traffic that could turn into converted customers.

If you are not making the most out of your FAQ page but would like to, Creativo is the right place to go! Aside from offering local search engine optimization and other digital marketing services, Creativo can also help you create a Google-friendly FAQ page that will eventually generate organic traffic to your website.
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