How To Write Meta Tags for SEO? Guide for Beginners

Nov 22, 2022

Every part of your SEO plays a crucial role in creating an effective marketing strategy that contributes to the growth of your business. SEO is not a one-time thing that you can stop doing once your website’s performance starts improving.

Your SEO specialist or SEO company Dubai must undertake regular updates to your website HTML, including meta tags, to increase your website visibility.

Meta tags help search engines understand information about your website which affects how your website appears in search results. They also tell browsers how to show your website on a device, making sure that the content of your website is properly displayed for mobile, tablet and desktop users.

While it may seem less relevant than other parts of your marketing strategy, the best SEO company in Dubai will advise that your meta tags are important as these tags help Google determine if your site is mobile-friendly, which can help your site rank higher in Google’s search results.

How To Write Meta Tags for SEO? Guide for Beginners

Write unique meta tags

Even if you’re not the only one who offers certain products or services, you can make your website stand out by writing unique content and meta tags for your website.

Keep meta tags brief, but descriptive

Work with your specialist on how you can create short yet descriptive meta tags. Your meta tags must effectively describe your products or services in a few words. Aside from improving the readability for users, it also makes it easier for crawlers to understand the information on your website.

Include target keywords where it makes sense

While it is important to include target keywords, your digital marketing agency Dubai must ensure that the placement of keywords is not awkward. You must be creative in incorporating the keywords into meta tags, making sure that the content also matches the search intent of the users.

Avoid click-bait tags

Some websites use clickbait titles to entice users to click on the links they see. While it might bring additional traffic to your website, providers of digital marketing services in Dubai advise against using click-bait tags as it increases your website’s bounce rate and leads users to leave the page if the result does not match their search intent.

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