Importance of a Company Newsletter

Aug 1, 2022

Maintaining contact with customers is a must for businesses, and one of the most effective methods is a newsletter. Offering helpful, useful, free information and tips can be a great marketing tool.

Most newsletters are used as a powerful tool in the post-purchase loop. The goal is to build lasting relationships with customers, stay relevant, and gain their loyalty which will lead to repeat engagement/buying.

You are faced with the task of gaining and keeping existing and prospective customers. So, it’s important to give your customers a good reason to subscribe, open your newsletter and engage.

Below are some pointers for a successful company newsletter.

Importance of a company Newsletter

Broadcasting quality newsletters on a regular basis can keep clients, potential clients and other important sources updated about your business.
The frequency of a newsletter is important. You do not want to flood your subscribers with too many editions. At the same time, don’t wait too long between each edition. Depending on your industry and the service/product(s) you are offering, the safest frequency would be monthly or quarterly.
There are exceptions like e-commerce, mall operator, and government entities to name a few. In their case weekly or biweekly newsletter might be more appropriate. However, these editions’ extensive repetitions of products or services should be avoided.

Rebroadcasting for distribution frequencies of one month and above is an essential activity. Rebroadcasting will allow you to reach subscribers unavailable at the time of your initial broadcast.

Content matters and must be thought after carefully. While clients engage with you, you should try to find out what they are interested in and which information they would like to be kept updated with.
Use this information to select reoccurring features in your newsletters. If you sprinkle these with new information you will create an engaging and interesting newsletter your subscribers will open and read every time, they receive a new edition.

Use only your own database as these subscribers interacted with you and you received their information legally. Make sure you have an unsubscribe feature at the bottom of your newsletter. This is important as you do not want o upset a subscriber who decided not to receive your newsletter anymore.

If you are unsure how to go about a newsletter, reach out to us. We at Creativo assisting clients in all industries with their newsletter for more than 12 years. Call us or send us an email at

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