Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO: Differences

Jan 4, 2023

Recent studies conducted by Google show that mobile users are more likely to turn into conversions than desktop users. The study suggests that users who use their mobile devices, especially smartphones, are keener to buy the product or service compared to those who use desktop devices to search for the same products/services.

Because of these changes in the behaviour of users, companies, and providers of SEO services in Dubai have started focusing their efforts on mobile SEO. If you haven’t been targeting mobile users yet, you may find yourself losing on a lot of opportunities.

If you’re new to working with an SEO Agency Dubai or SEO in general, here are some of the differences between mobile and desktop SEO that you need to understand:

Mobile SEO vs Desktop SEO


Desktop SEO focuses

on catering to the search intent of the public. In most cases, companies and SEO agency UAE do not target a specific geographic location. Mobile SEO is often focused on local searches and is extremely useful for local, small, and medium businesses. It also makes it easier for users to find products and service providers near them.

Display and usability

Unlike desktop users where there is more than enough room to display all crucial elements of a page, mobile users have a very limited view. Hence, business owners and SEO company Dubai must optimize pages to ensure that all elements are displayed in an organized manner. They also need to make sure that all pages are easy to navigate, and all buttons are easy to use, and all elements are loading and working properly.

Loading speed

Mobile users are usually less patient when it comes to waiting for a website page to load. To avoid losing conversions over slow page loading speed, you or your trusted digital marketing agency Dubai must ensure that the pages of your website will fully load within 3 seconds for desktop and 7 seconds for mobile.

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