Pros and Cons of Using AI-Generated Content for SEO

Mar 20, 2023

Innovators have been testing Artificial Intelligence or AI for different applications. Recently, it has created a buzz in digital marketing as some brands have started using AI-generated content. While it seems to be getting a positive response, many service providers specializing in local SEO services Dubai still have a divided opinion on the use of AI-generated content for SEO.

If you’re not familiar with the subject or planning on adding it to your digital marketing strategy, here are some of the pros and cons of using this type of content for your SEO:


Improve productivity

AI can produce different kinds of content in minutes. Unlike human writers who might take thirty minutes to an hour to do research and write a two-page article, AI can achieve this in just a few minutes. This will allow a digital agency Dubai and digital marketers to produce more materials for SEO faster and have more time for other tasks.

AI-Generated Content for SEO


Hiring a good human writer or the best SEO services Dubai can be costly. The amount you spend will usually depend on the number of articles, length per article, the technical knowledge required for each content, and other similar factors. When it comes to AI tools, you only need to pay for an annual or monthly subscription for a range of services.


Quality and uniqueness

Since AI relies on algorithms to write content, there is a possibility that the tool will not get the proper tone for an article or misuse certain data sets that are available online. The uniqueness of produced content might also be compromised as the tool scrapes information from other websites and reword them to create new content. Many SEO consultant Dubai might also advise against it as the content may be tagged for plagiarism.

Requires human editing and fact-checking

AI-generated content must be checked by humans to ensure that the information provided in the articles is accurate. Aside from fact-checking, there are also instances when humans must check the grammar, spelling, and word choice used in the content.

Lacks personality and creativity

In most cases, users keep coming back to a website or exploring its pages because they like the way the content is written. Adding personality to the content and being creative in describing certain products is crucial for ecommerce SEO Dubai. Hence, using AI-generated content might have the opposite result of what you want to achieve.

Whether you’re looking for SEO services in Dubai to improve the content of your website or you need digital marketing services to increase your conversions, our experts at Creativo can help you reach your full business potential.

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