Putting Your Brand On Display

Sep 20, 2020

While traditional advertising may be struggling to prove effectiveness in this digital era, online display advertising helps revolutionize marketing. Display advertising offers various benefits that other marketing channels do not, such as faster brand building, effective targeting, and real-time conversion measuring.


How does display advertising work?

There are thousands of websites out there offering news, reviews, videos, and more, and that includes Gmail, Yahoo, and YouTube. These website owners want to monetize through advertising, whereas brands want to reach their audiences who may be spending time on these websites.

Ad networks like Google Display Ads and Bing-Yahoo Network act as intermediaries to form a confluence between advertisers, publishers, and consumers. When a reader loads a webpage, a relevant ad is loaded in a fraction of a second.


The Benefits You’ll Get When You Put Your Brand on Display.
  1. How does display advertising workIncrease brand awareness to your target audience– While search advertising influences a customer with an intent to purchase, display advertising, on the other hand, helps in creating the initial interest. Research says that brand awareness has increased by 21% in campaigns that utilized digital display ads. Display ads have potentially high reach as they are generally found on websites that potential customers usually visit.
  2. Visual Appeal – When compared to a text-based type of advertising, display ads have unrivaled aesthetic appeal. When they are done right, people are most likely to click on the ads simply because they’re so visually alluring.
  3. Gives your business remarketing opportunitiesRemarketing allows your business to place targeted display ads in front of a well-defined audience that has previously visited your website. Once a potential customer knows about your product or service, a well-placed display ad can remind them to convert.

Advertising companies believe that remarketing is smart to connect with potential customers who may not have made an initial purchase or inquiry. In addition to this, remarketing through display ads offers a high degree of targeting flexibility. This being said, advertisers can filter targeting to show only on specific sites or exclude specific areas. You can even showcase display ads that include a brand message or a particular product that your potential customer viewed while on your website.

  1. Offers less expensive options – Unlike other advertising channels, online marketing agencies in Dubai say that display advertisement is relatively inexpensive. Different agencies run Display Ad’s in different ways. The best agencies advise on additional work to be done on the website to make this kind of online activity a really successful one.


Whether a brand is big or small, display ads can make a difference in your whole digital marketing strategy. This strategy is an excellent way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic back to your website, and improve conversions. Creativo offers a variety of display advertising options as part of its comprehensive digital marketing services. Want to get in on the display advertising action? Contact us today to start strategizing!

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