Reasons Why You Should Use Google Tag Manager

Mar 7, 2021

What Is Google Tag Manager (GTM)?


Google Tag Manager is a free tool from Google that allows you to deploy various tags to your website. Some good examples of a tag would be Google Analytics tracking code, Google Analytics event codes, Google Ads conversion script, and remarketing tags. There are many more code types that can be added to your website using GTM, including custom codes.


However, digital marketing agencies say that it is important to note that Google Tag Manager does not replace Google Analytics. Instead, it helps users to easily add Google Analytics tracking code (tag) to a website, deploy GA event code snippets and define rules when each code must fire.

Why Use Google Tag Manager?

1. Fast deployment of tracking codes – Google Tag Manager speeds up many tracking processes. New tags can be added easily, and most of them do not require code changes to the website. This is a great tool for marketers because it can speed up launch time by testing each change and deploying when ready.


2. Everything is in one place – With the use of Google Tag Manager, everything is in one place. Long gone are the days when a developer needed to locate the various JavaScript code snippets in a website or app’s source code in order to make additions, changes, or deletions. With the help of GTM, everything is in one place, and those human errors where some codes are missed and data is inaccurate no longer take place. This allows you to have better tracking and management for all your search engine marketing efforts.


3. Testing tools – Troubleshooting and correcting tag errors is simplified through the use of Google Tag Manager Preview and Debug mode that shows which tags are fired on a page and which are not. It also includes information about triggers that fire tags and data contained within tracking tags. 


4. Simple Event Tracking – Google Tag Manager comes with a feature called auto-event tracking. Once you enable certain triggers in Google Tag Manager, they will automatically listen to particular interactions on a web page. Though there is a set up required, it is relatively easy to do. 


5. It’s Free – Just like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager is free. Although there’s a premium version of it in Google Analytics 360 Suite, advertising companies in UAE say that the free version is more than enough for a lot of business.


In summary, Google Tag Manager (GTM) will improve your web marketing by giving you insight into what can cause an increase (or decrease) in website activity. As technology continues to move forward, an increasing number of webmasters are making a move to Google Tag Manager. They’re updating their websites and are enjoying more visitors than ever before.


If you are looking to hire a professional advertising company in UAE to help you implement Google Tag Manager on your website and boost online presence, contact Creativo. We are one of the most reputable marketing companies across the country with a proven record in digital marketing. 

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