SEO: Understanding search intent

Feb 13, 2020
What is search intent?

Sometimes referred to as keyword intent, search intent is the underlying reason behind every search query. It represents the objective that the searcher is trying to accomplish. For instance, someone might want to learn, find, or buy something. Search intent analysis is important to the success of any SEO, PPC, and content marketing efforts. By coordinating your content to user search intent, you make your content relevant to your audience, boost brand awareness, increase the share of voice and drive conversions and retention.

3 Types of search intent:

Navigational intent – A navigational search query is commonly used when people want to go straight to a specific site or page. 

The strategy to optimize content for navigational intent is to ensure you have dedicated landing pages for your brand, products, services, and other offerings, as well as your homepage. In addition to this, digital marketing agencies in UAE suggest adding your product or brand names in strategic positions like the page title, subheadings, and meta descriptions.

Informational intent – Informational type of search queries are used when people want to know the answer to something. These queries are usually question-based.

search intent analysisThis type of search intent usually involves questions such as “How to” and “What is”. Therefore, the key to optimizing your content is to use the question in the most strategic positions of your content like headings, subheadings, title, and description.

Transactional intent – Transactional search queries are used when people are ready to do something.  According to some of the best SEO companies in Dubai, this means that the searchers have decided on a product or service and are ready to make a purchase. They often use transactional types of keywords to find the right place to make their purchase.

The key to optimizing for transactional search intent is to keep the content focused on the desired outcome.

Why Does Search Intent Matter for SEO Purposes?

Every business wants their web pages to show up first for relevant search terms in search results. Optimizing website content is important, but unless your target audience is searching for that content, then all your hard work goes unnoticed.

However, by understanding the types of search terms your audience is using, you can create content that puts you in front of potential consumers at all stages of the purchasing cycle.

If you need assistance in optimising your content based on the search intent that your audience is using, Creativo can help. They also offer other digital marketing services such as SEM and local SEO services which will surely help your business reach its greatest heights. To know more, get in touch with us at +971 4 568 4882.

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