Signs that you need a new website

Nov 22, 2020

In today’s age, your website reflects your business. People will get to know your business better and form an overall opinion about your company. A website that feels outdated and no longer serves the purpose that it was built for could be a major setback.

Keeping your website up-to-date and making sure it still delivers the purpose it was built for, is integral for your business’s success.


Here are top signs that you may need a new website design and development

1. Important numbers are slowly declining across the board

When it comes to website traffic, keyword rankings and conversions of a particular website, there are times that things generally move quite slowly. You will not see the big picture of where the website is failing by comparing the numbers month by month. However, if you are seeing things generally trending down over 6 or more month after being successful for a significant amount of time, it might be a sign that your website is simply outdated.

2. Your brand, products, or services have changed

This may seem obvious, but your website needs to reflect that your brand, products or/and services might have changed. Remember, people visit your website to learn about your business and see what services you provide, the products you sell, etc. If it’s outdated, you’re going to lose potential sales conversions. A website redesign from a reputable web development company will ensure that any new products or services are available and visible. If you’ve undergone a rebranding, it will reflect that, too.

3. Your site takes a long time to load

One of the biggest signs you need a new website is when your site loads slowly. With increased competition and more information available online, people don’t have the time and patience to wait for slow pages to load.
In line with this, Google uses page load speed as a critical factor on how they rank pages! So, if your site loads slow, you’re going to rank lower in search engine result pages (SERPs).

4. You have a high bounce rate

When you look at your website analytics, always check and monitor your bounce rate. This shows how often people leave your site after only visiting one page. A bounce rate higher than 70% is a sign that your site is not keeping visitors on the page and enticing them to look for more information on your website.

Redesigning your website with improved navigation, user-friendly features, more intelligently placed call to action buttons, engaging features and more updated graphics often leads to bringing down bounce rate, increasing page views per session and longer times spent on site. All of which, improves conversion and reduces the bounce rate!

5. Your website isn’t contributing to your business

This, above all else, is what you need to consider when deciding that it is time for a new website. After all, you created your website to contribute to your business significantly. If you’re not getting conversions, leads, or sales from your website, it’s either due to low traffic from search engines or visitors aren’t converting once they’re on your site. Both are good indicators that your current website isn’t working for you.

If you feel your website is not producing the expected outcome, consider consulting an experienced and trusted web development company.

We employ the best web developers and experienced marketing experts, who can discuss overall website appearance, features you’ll need to incorporate into your site, to make sure you achieve your set goals.

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