The Differences Between Freelancer vs Agency

Apr 16, 2024

The differences between a Freelancer and an Agency in the digital world are very clear.

Before continuing, we would like to clarify that this article represents a general view on both.  It is understood that there are always positive and negative exceptions to both groups.

The definition of a freelancer, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is
“a person who pursues a profession without a long-term commitment to any one employer”.

Now, why would a company want to work with freelancers if they are not getting any long-term commitment and consequently the person will not have a vested interest in the company? The answer is often easy, it’s the perceived financial incentive. Taking on a freelancer may be considered cost effective for a company’s pursuit of minimizing costs, however, the range of skills, tools and accountability may be limited.

In comparison, due to the legal set-up of an agency, they will have more accountability and responsibility to their clients and the services provided. Agencies will also provide good quality tools, software and licenses that can further support a company’s needs and requirements. Additionally, an agency can draw from the holistic knowledge from their skilled employees.

When a company has exposed themselves to the online world and sees its potential for financial rewards, they may want to gain more out of this potential. However, improving an online presence may be difficult with a single person who may be specialized in one or two topics. A company could be better suited to reach out to an agency, who holds a group of diverse experts who can advise on various sections of the online world.

For example, a company may notice that the Freelancer has recommended a tool/template on their website, without explaining there are limitations to this. Limitations may include upgrading certain features that may not be possible with a template. With this, the company may need to reconsider the decision chosen, and must spend more money rectifying the issue rather than going ahead with a well-rounded agency who can provide an array of features and options from the get-go.

Every company should invest enough time, understanding the basics of a particular field from a selection of options and make a more informed decision. This decision should first and foremost be based on knowledge and then on the financial aspect to ensure the results are worthwhile and impactful for their business growth.

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