The Importance Of Google Analytics’ Events Tracking

Jul 7, 2021

Website analytics with proper tracking setup, provides you with the actual reports on how your site visitors behave, who they are by their age, gender, location, etc. Further, how they landed on your site; your total conversions; and so on. With this data in hand, you can plan fully informed business strategies and grow your business faster.

What is Analytics’ Events Tracking?

In Google Analytics, an event is a type of measurement indicating what is taking place on your website. Event tracking allows you to measure the interactions that don’t necessarily involve loading another page from your site. A good example of an event is a press of a button, completing a form, downloading a file, or even playing a video.

Below are some of the major reasons why advanced event Google analytics tracking is important for your business growth.

  • Form Error Tracking

Tracking form errors are a vital measurement in the conversion optimization process. The goal is to be able to determine exactly where the user is abandoning the form. Using this type of tracking, you can see the exact field or section that users most struggle with.

  • Understanding user behavior

You may want to track user behaviors within your site, such as “add to cart” button clicks, form submissions, or video views. This will enable you to understand what your users do when they visit your website. With Google Analytics event tracking, you can gather critical information about how people are using your website, allowing you to make some important marketing decisions.

Events Tracking
  • Tracking the effectiveness of marketing campaigns

With the competitive market online, managing online campaigns can be quite complex, especially when you have several campaigns running at the same time. Given the competition, event tracking becomes an essential tool in determining the best strategy for these campaigns and in helping managers determine which campaigns are performing best.

  • Visitor segmentation

Visitor segmentation is the way of dividing visitors to a website into segments – for example, new vs. returning users – and measuring the behavior of each segment.

With Google Analytics event tracking, you will know how many new visitors your campaign brings to you. From there, you can also segment the results by new or returning visitors, geography, and referral sources.

  • Tracking downloads

If you offer downloadable resources on your website, it’s important to know if users are downloading them. There are times when you will want to track file downloads and show how many times users download your files like newsletters, white papers, and other forms to gauge the level of engagement with the resources you are posting.


Google Analytics event tracking is a valuable addition to measuring user interactions on your website. If you want to leverage the benefits of Google Analytics for your business, Creativo can help. With our wide range of digital marketing services, we can help various businesses in the UAE start tracking events on their website and eventually grow sales. For more information call us today!

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