The problems using ready-made website templates

Apr 29, 2024

The competition for specific platforms offering ready-made website templates or preloaded shopping sites is fierce.

As much as these companies want to cover all aspects of a modern, contemporary and industry specific design, their templates still have limitations. Some willingly integrated or accepted others because a “one fit all” solution will always leave those who want more or better in the proverbial “rain”.

Why do these templates come with limitations? Simple, on the one hand because you can technically do only so much with a given design. Should you want to change elements it might ruin the look & feel but more importantly mess with a pre-coded sequence, which might interrupt the sites’ function.

Sometimes these templates are upgradable, but the monthly fee or the one-off purchase costs will increase exponentially over and above the original or advertised fees.

It is getting more interesting, or, from a user perspective, worst if one engages with e-commerce platforms. The “community version” is usually low priced and allows all necessary upload and purchase functions. Most come also with basic analytics. However, should you want to intensify the sales effort with any sort of online campaign or more analytic intelligence, an upgrade is unavoidable.

In addition, with platforms like Shopify one should also be aware that the platform is rented for as long as the monthly fee is received. All data and information on the platform are shared with the platform owner.

The reason a lot of companies and freelancers are investing their efforts in these tools is financially driven. However, if the costs and the limitations are viewed over a period of e.g., five years one will quickly recognize that a customized option, explicitly developed for the industry and specifically tailored towards the needs of the company, will always be the better option then a ready-made, one fits all solution.

Don’t let short-term thinking and a self-imposed, often unnecessary financial restriction hamper your future.

Note: investments in any software tool can be written off over four or five years.

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