Top 5 Web Development Trends for 2023

Dec 9, 2022

As the new year approaches, many web development companies in Dubai have started releasing forecasts on what various web development clients should expect in 2023. While some trends in 2022 are expected to continue, new ones are also expected to gain popularity in the upcoming year.

Here are the Web Development Trends for 2023:

Increase in Voice Search use

More and more users are becoming fond of using voice search assistants like Alexa and Siri; 51% of consumers, particularly Generation Z users, use voice-enabled devices to research products. With the voice search assistant market projected to grow to 11.2 billion by 2026, companies working with digital marketing agency Dubai have started optimizing their website for voice search.

Top 5 Web Development Trends for 2023

More intelligent AI chatbots

Nowadays, a lot of businesses opt to use chatbots on their websites to encourage customer engagement. Before, it was quite easy to tell when customers were engaging with a chatbot, but new developments in artificial intelligence and natural language processing made it possible for chatbots to engage in complex conversations easily without requiring human intervention. This can free up sales reps’ time for other activities.

Developers to continue widening their current knowledge

There was a time when it was possible to create a functional website by just knowing HTML. But, as technology and bandwidth have improved, web developers and designers have to add new things such as animation, interactive navigation, and recently virtual reality to their sites. While the core of web development and web design Dubai will stay the same, with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at the centre, it will be more advantageous for developers to upgrade their knowledge and skills.

Mobile first development will be more popular

A lot of users now use their mobile devices to perform various activities on the internet. With 59% of web traffic coming from mobile phones, it’s easy to determine that businesses must work with service providers of ecommerce website development Dubai to find ways to keep their website optimised for mobile search and navigation.

App connections or linking

Improvements made it possible for apps to connect to each other and a lot of users find it beneficial to have their apps linked, so they don’t have to enter the same set of data repeatedly.
Due to this, the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) increased in popularity. APIs are a set of functions that allow applications to “talk to” and interact with one another. API’s make sure that all functionalities inside different platforms are accessible and you can integrate data from different apps/web apps together.

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