Trends in our Industry

Jan 18, 2016

Trends in our IndustryIf we are looking at trends, we are looking at multiple aspects of our business. In respect of devices the trend is clearly going away from laptops and pc’s. Mobile screens are getting larger and wearabels are becoming not only a “nice gadget” but also a real new segment where Apple has a head start with its iWatch.
Google has done its part by “punishing” companies for not maintaining a mobile adaptable site in June of this year with a radical change in its algorism.
As a consequence websites, which are not mobile adapted have or will have problems in the future finding viewers.

With the active entrance of independent payment gateways, e-commerce volumes have improved this year. We received more inquiries for on-line shops compared to previous years. The customer requesting these shops are either young start up’s or existing retailers who employed younger talent. Both brought a refreshing high Internet IQ and knowledgebase with them. This combined with the desire to explore new distribution channels for their respective companies. Even though knowing that ecommerce is just coming out of its infant stage in the UAE.

The on-line marketing expenditure of companies especially in the US is starting to surpass the traditional (off line) spend. This trend can be seen also in other parts of the world as well.

In the UAE we are facing a split among companies and their behaviors. More Internet oriented companies are focusing their spending towards SEM activities and SEO improvements. They are also exploring e-commerce options. The more traditional run companies are still holding on to media engagement known to them. However, also here the “walls of resistance” are starting to erode as we have received more inquiries from more traditional companies in respect of SEM & SEO in the last quarter of ’15.
Along with this development we also noticed the increment in competition in both fields SEM & SEO

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