Web Designer vs Web Developer: Big 5 Differences

Feb 17, 2023

Some people often assume that a web developer and a web designer are the same. While it may seem like an irrelevant topic for other industries, those who intend to work with individuals or companies that offer digital marketing services in Dubai and other web-related services must know the difference between the two.

Whether you’re looking to hire only one person to work with or you require the help of a web design agency Dubai, here are some of the main differences between a web developer and a web designer that you need to know.

1. Web designers are responsible for the visual appearance of website
If you’re working with a web design company Dubai, you must know that the role of a web designer is to design the layout, usability, and overall look of the website.

2. Web developers build and maintain the core structure of the website
Web developers are responsible for building and maintaining the core structure of the website. Their tasks include converting a web design into a functional website with the use of coding languages like HTML, JavaScript, Python, and PHP.

Web Designer vs Web Developer

3. Web designers require creative skills
Web designers must understand the principles of website design and accessibility standards, wireframing, and prototyping. They must also have sufficient knowledge of branding, colour theory, typography, and the use of different design tools and software. Having strong communication skills is also a must to properly communicate with clients and collaborate with team members.

4. Web developers require technical skills
As mentioned above, developers must know different coding and programming skills. They must also be capable of testing and debugging the website and learn how to use various Content Management Systems. To successfully work for/with a web development company in Dubai, developers must possess problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.

5. They use different tools
Web designers use a range of design editing software and builders like Photoshop, Wix, WordPress, Elementor, etc. Meanwhile, web developers use different coding libraries and frameworks, as well as issue-tracking platforms and code versioning platforms.

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