Website Facelift or Complete Redesign

Aug 19, 2022

The wrong website can harm your business. With poor design and frustrating functionality, the site communicates that your business is outdated, irrelevant, or inept. On the other hand, the right website can grow your business and establish your credibility.

Modern consumers know the service they want and are increasingly determined to see through deception and scams. For professional web designers, a smart and intentional web design will lead to online credibility, and make you stand out from competitors.

The above two paragraphs were written by us seven years ago and are now even more relevant than they were then.
Why do websites have an “expiry date”? Obviously not the same expiry as food but a time when they look aged, ineffective, and out of place.

A lot of companies refrain from redoing their site and request a facelift. The main reason for this is usually cost. In the past, this was called evolution instead of revolution. Today a facelift is called repurposing.
In either case, professional website design services will be able to accommodate such a request without any issues, safeguarding the core identity of the site while adding updated design features.

Other companies are going for a completely new website and here in some cases with a new agency or designer.

Website facelift or complete redesign Both options are good and correct. They should give the website proprietor the possibility to rethink their website presence, and its purpose, analyze what was good, and what worked on the old site, and consult their analytics as well.
However, we often noticed that this is not done. No thought process went into the redesign or the redo.

The decision to facelift or redo a website should be used to properly think about the reasons the website was built in the first place and which space in our marketing & sales efforts the site should occupy.
Existing experiences should be taken into consideration to make sure these features or information are not ignored in the new version.

In most cases, the design has changed either slightly or in extreme cases completely to an extent that visitors will not recognize the company’s website anymore. The content often remained untouched and was reused.
If you are tasked with a facelift or redesign spend time to make sure what the proprietor expects from the website. If the proprietor does not know, a professional agency Dubai with solid marketing experience will be able to assist.
If you are such a proprietor and are looking for a facelift or redo and your current agency is not able to assist you, reach out to us. We have more than 22 years of experience in designing purposeful, functional visitor-centric websites.

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