What is a Session on Google Analytics?

Dec 16, 2020
What Is a Session?

Google Analytics is a widely used Google marketing platform. In Google Analytics (GA), a session is basically a user’s visit to your website. When a user lands on your website, GA records that particular session with the date and time it started. This means that the last time someone views a page on your site is normally when the visit/session ends.


Why is it important to track Google Analytics sessions?

Tracking your website sessions can help evaluate whether your online marketing efforts such as SEO, PPC or Social Media are working or not. For instance, you have three sessions per user per day on average, then you’re doing a good job of directing people back to your site through different channels. However, if your ideal customer has just an average of one or two sessions per month, you might need to spend more time marketing and advertising to get them back on your site multiple times.

Moreover, if you run an ecommerce site you can also leverage Google Analytics’ Shopping Behavior Analysis report to monitor how sessions with key actions impact your shopping activity such as:

  • How many sessions was a product viewed?
  • How many sessions was there an ‘add to cart’ event?
  • How many sessions resulted in checkout?
  • How many resulted in a successful transaction?


Frequently Asked Questions About Google Analytics Session
  • When does a Google Analytics session expire?

By default, a Google Analytics session expires if no new hit is sent to the server within 30 minutes from the time when the last hit was sent.

  • How can a Google Analytics session last longer than 30 minutes?

Every time a new hit is sent to the server, Google Analytics reset the session’s expiration time by adding another 30 minutes from the time when the last hit was sent. In this way, a session can last longer than 30 minutes.

  • What is Average Session Duration?

In Google Analytics, the average session duration refers to the time a user spends on your website. It is calculated by dividing the total session duration by the total number of sessions.

  • What is the difference between sessions and users in GA?

In Google Analytics, ‘sessions’ refers to the number of individual sessions initiated by all the users of your website, and ‘users’ refers to the number of unique visitors to your website.

Google Analytics has vast capabilities, and if you do not know how to use Google Analytics, you are surely missing the chance to improve your digital marketing strategy.


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