What Is Remarketing, and How Does This Help You Increase Leads?

Aug 27, 2020
What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a marketing strategy of creating personalized ad campaigns for users who have previously visited your website or other content.

The idea behind remarketing is to reach out to users who already know your brand or products. For that reason, this group of audience has much higher chances of converting. It’s all about targeting the user on several occasions, personalizing the ads as they go along, and encouraging them to move along the conversion funnel.

How can remarketing help generate leads?

For lots of marketers, one of the most valuable benefits of remarketing is improving lead generation. It is one of the highly used strategies for many businesses as it can help you stay in front of leads during buying cycles.

Remarketing - Customised AdsIf you have strong website traffic but aren’t getting the conversion rates you’d like, remarketing can be the solution. According to a reputable SEM agency in Dubai, visitors to your website are your most valuable audience. However, many businesses don’t do enough to encourage conversions because they are too focused on driving initial traffic. The truth is that most of the time, people don’t fill out a lead form on their first visit. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested. It just means they’re not ready yet. By leveraging remarketing ads to this highly qualified audience, you keep your brand top of mind and create additional conversions opportunities.

Furthermore, remarketing also helps you convert existing leads into customers. Once someone fills out a lead form, they’re probably still at the beginning of the purchase process. In the digital world, this process involves significant research and comparison shopping. In this case, remarketing can also help you stay top of mind during that process and convert existing leads into happy customers.

Remarketing is a smart investment that could increase your bottom line—only if you do it right. Nothing will tank your remarketing strategy faster than lousy management. Hence, it is vital to find a reputable SEM agency who is capable of helping you implement this strategy. While it seems relatively simple, the best results come from the highest audience segmentation and best bidding strategies.

That’s where a digital marketing company comes in. These people have years of experience in the digital world. If you want some help finding the right marketing partner, contact Creativo, one of the most recommended digital marketing agencies in Dubai, and start creating a customised strategy for your business.

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