What Means Search Volume in SEO?

May 2, 2021
What does search volume mean in SEO?

The search volume is the number of search queries for a given search term in a search engine within a given timeframe. The search volume is estimated and can be subject to seasonal, regional, and thematic fluctuations.


A reputable marketing company in Dubai says that in digital marketing, the search volume, which is a measure of the amount of traffic your website, can help you determine the best priorities for search engine optimization and content optimization.

Why is monitoring search volume important?

Monitoring your target search terms’ search volume can provide you with important insights into certain keywords’ popularity and how it fluctuates throughout the year. Exact match data will give you insights on how many searches were run each month of the year. On the other hand, rolling average data will account for all of the volumes for all the searches throughout the year and find you the average. According to an SEO consultant in Dubai, this can help you work with highly seasonal keywords.

How to determine the search volume of a keyword

To determine the search volume of a particular search term on Google, there are tools you can use:


Google Trends gives you insights into users’ interest for a wide variety of keywords in a specific period of time, but the search can be restricted regionally. On the other hand, Google Keyword planner is much more accurate but can’t be used without a Google ads account. With the Keyword Planner, you can make much more detailed settings and search for keywords by region, time, or excluding a specific keyword.

Where do keyword search volume data come from?

In general, there are two primary sources of search volume used in the tools:


Google data – One of the most reliable sources for keyword search volume is the Google database. However, it may need to be post-processed in order to be precise, as Google tends to cluster similar keywords and show search volume for the whole group instead of single keywords.


Clickstream data – Clickstream search volume data is collected via browser extensions, plugins and other applications that you install on your computer. The data is aggregated and sold to be used further. 


Using search volume can help you begin to compile the keywords you will use to build a successful website and an effective online marketing strategy. Regardless if you are looking for global or local SEO services in Dubai, get in touch with Creativo, a reputable digital media agency in Dubai, to help you get started. You may get in touch with one of our representatives at +971 4 568 4882

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