Why Is SEO A Continuous Process?

Dec 23, 2020

Search Engine Optimization is a mid to long term strategy, ranking a website higher in search engine result pages. However, a one-time SEO configuration cannot give any website an ongoing ranking success. Neither does a quick SEO fix solve your search engine-ranking issues.

When a website is initially designed and built with SEO in mind, website owners may see a boost in rankings at first. However, without ongoing search engine optimization services to respond to significant changes, it’s almost impossible to sustain those initial high rankings. Hence, if you want your business to survive in a competitive online marketplace, you need to maintain continuous and consistent SEO campaign.


Here are the top 5 reasons why SEO is a continuous process.

  1. You have many competitors

There are likely hundreds or thousands of websites that offer products and services similar to yours. Each of these competitors is targeting the same audience and delivering similar content. If you plan to compete with them, it is necessary to do something that makes your website stand out, both to visitors and search engines.

SEO consultants in Dubai, suggest to a) regularly add fresh content and b) promote your site and seek inbound links from other quality websites.


  1. Search engines continuously change algorithms

Search engines, especially Google, continuously battle against Black Hat SEO practices by repeatedly changing and improving their search algorithms, affecting your already established search ranking. Therefore, it is obviously vital to continually updating your SEO strategies based on these changes and keep your websites as search-engine-friendly as possible.


  1. Online Marketplace is Continuously Evolving

Technology is rapidly changing. New products and services are always introduced in the market, which encourages users to alter existing keywords or use a new set of keywords. This means that the keywords which are working extremely well today may not be relevant or effective in the future. Running a continuous SEO campaign will take care of this part, along with continues keyword research. A proper SEO Dubai company will keep the keywords and other aspects of your online presence up to date.


  1. Changes can occur in your business or company

For every change in your business, a corresponding change or update should also be performed within your SEO strategy. Depending on the type of change, you may need to update your target keywords or develop new content to consider these changes. This way, you can keep your existing markets and rankings, which will also open doors for new ones.


  1. Changes in Search User Behavior

Over time, the search habits of online users tend to change. Thus, the keywords they use to reach a particular product, service, content, company, etc., also changes. A particular keyword that was bringing huge traffic last month may not bring sufficient traffic this month. A good ongoing SEO strategy includes keeping an eye on changing keywords and incorporating new keywords to your website.

In summary, SEO is an ongoing process because the digital world is an ever-changing place with lots of rules and expectations. Business owners need to keep up to remain competitive.

Due to the demand of time and effort, many business owners may consider looking for partners for their SEO needs. If you want to maintain high rankings on search engines, you should look for companies like Creativo.

We offer digital marketing in Dubai and we use ethical techniques to help you achieve top positions and provide your audience with the right information. For more information about our services, get in touch with us.


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