Why You Should Use Emojis in Your SEO Strategy

Mar 28, 2021

There are various ways to make your business stand out online. One of these ways that might be unknown is emojis to your SEO content marketing strategy.

Why use emoji?
  1. It makes your search listing stand out

When people make a purchase online, it is 90% a visual decision-making process. This means that if you use emojis in your meta and title tag data, your listing gets the added benefit of standing out from the crowd. While looking at search results, user’s eyes are more likely to be drawn to the emoji since it is the only graphic in the text-based results.

  1. Increased click-through rate

As mentioned above, having emojis to your meta title and description can make your listing stand out. Hence, emojis can increase the CTR to your website. Google prioritizes the user experience highly, so incorporating emojis into your SEO strategy in the right way could help to improve your rankings.

  1. Strengthen your brand identity

On top of the this, emojis can help enhance your brand identity through a fresh, relevant format. Utilizing this new language is helpful for brands when they want to engage an online audience. This digital messaging’s simple style helps businesses speak directly to their target audience, who matters most to their business, and positioning the brand to reach a broader market.

  1. Google brought it back

A couple of years ago, Google first introduced emojis in search results. However, in 2015, they decided to stop showing emojis from listings. And a couple of years later, Google has just decided to bring emojis back. With this, more and more brands are taking advantage of this move.

  1. Improved search relevancy

Google is keen to help users gain the most relevant results from their search queries. As emojis are so popular, it is becoming more acceptable to utilize them when appropriate, either as a search term or in addition to text.

While emojis alone will not boost your rankings, they can still help your business increase online visibility and click-through rate. Therefore, they are certainly worth some effort for these reasons, but only if they are right for your brand.

Do you want to optimize your listing using relevant emojis, but you’re unsure how and where to start? We can help. Our team of experts knows how to implement the best online strategies.

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