Your Facebook Posts Are Not Getting Enough Likes, Here’s Why!

Mar 23, 2022

With a whopping 2.91 billion monthly active users worldwide, and 1.9 billion daily active users, Facebook offers a huge audience for different industries.

On the business side, there are over 60 million active Facebook business pages, and more than 200 million small businesses around the world using the platform’s tools.

Hence, there is a lot of competition for those all-important ‘Likes’.

Why is Facebook ‘Likes’ Important?

Posts likes, among other reactions on FB, indicate that your audience is interested, enjoyed, or has related to what you’ve published and may want to see more of it.

Experts claimed that audiences read and share the most liked or reacted post(s) or content. Therefore, every content that you post should not just be the right product or service they were looking for, but should also be expressed in a way that should speak to them or leave them thinking.

Every post shared plays a vital role in social media marketing and the likes received on each post have a unique value. The more likes or positive reactions your shared content gets, the higher the chances of getting the product sold. So, the content created for the post has to be planned carefully.

Getting more likes requires you to share truly likable content—and engage in ways that make your brand likable, too.

If you think you’re not getting enough post likes, check the common reasons below:

  1. You post at the wrong times

Before getting any engagement to your posts, you must put your business in a position to be seen by your fans or your target audience. This does not have to involve complicated algorithms & hours spent scrolling through Excel sheets.

You can check your Facebook business page insights to see when are your fans most active online. From your business page, scroll to the top & click Insights, and then “Posts” in the left-hand menu. In this report, you will see when your fans were most active in the past week, both by day and time. Remember, this is in local time.

Look for any spikes in the data as these tell you the times when your Facebook audience is most active. Testing time slots around the most popular times are recommended to see when works best for your page.

Facebook Insights also shows you data about your most successful posts in terms of engagement. You will be able to see when they were posted, and you could consider posting more often at these times.

facebook likes
  1. Your Content Doesn’t Stimulate Engagement

Based on research, the average user spends about three seconds on each post before getting bored and moving on. This means that you only have this time to capture their attention of them when browsing their feeds. If your post is not engaging enough, they are not going to do more than skip it. Therefore, it is important to make sure that every content you share stimulates engagement.

If you are not sure of what type of posts are engaging for your target audience, a social media agency in Dubai can help you assess and identify the best content.

  1. You Either Post Too Often or Too Rarely

Generally, posting too often or too rarely could deteriorate your social media reach. However, this varies on the type of social media page you manage, and the size of your followership.

Hubspot analyzed Facebook data from their 13k+ customers and found out that business pages with more than 10k followers were the only ones that saw an increase in engagement when posting content more than once per day. In contrast, business pages with less than 10k followers get 50 percent clicks or engagements when doing the same exercise. And those that published social content 1-5 times per month, noticed their engagement nearly double!

  1. You’re Not Targeting the Right Audience

This only happens if you don’t promote your page the right way. People should be able to tell what your page is about, what your products and services are, or what you’re promoting the moment they land on it. Otherwise, you will end up with an audience you cannot engage with, as you do not share the same interests.

Engaging with a reputable online marketing agency in Dubai will help you identify and reach the right audiences and show them the right content at the right time.

  1. You’re Not Paying for Exposure

It has indeed become hard enough to use Facebook organically that many businesses are starting to think of it as a pay-to-play platform. The average page post reach is 5.2% and with just a 0.07% engagement rate.

Hence, if you want to get a huge following or reach for this matter, you have to pay for the exposure.

The above are just a few of the many reasons why your posts do not get likes. After all, learning from your mistakes, amplifying your successes, and giving your followers content you know they’ll enjoy are keys to boosting the quality of your content. This will automatically lead to more “likes” and followers.

If you are interested in integrating social media marketing with your overall online marketing strategy, get in touch with Creativo today! We sure are capable of drafting a custom strategy that is tailored to your business needs.

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