Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

third party service provider can provide easy, real-time access to third-party systems for processes that seamlessly integrate with your website.

E-commerce sites, for instance, may be integrated with an offline accounting software, a CRM system, and an inventory database or payment gateway.

Payment Gateway. We can help you integrate an optional payment gateway, so you can take partial or full deposits and payments for the purchases made on your website. We offer seamless and secure payment solutions that match your business.

SAP and Oracle. We build on the latest technologies for easy integration between your website front end and your chosen back end system.  With the proper integration you will enjoy tremendous timesaving’s and have the reassurance that the data you required is been passed on to your asp.

Inventory. Incorporate your site with your current inventory system. This provides a competitive edge to plan effectively with customers. It can also minimize errors associated with manual reconciliation.

We are able to integrate nearly all known back end solutions with your website.

We are integrating some of our clients’ business platform either through SAP, Micros Fidelio, Swarco, Mashreq Bank, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Emirates NBD, and/or Oracle Company websites.