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Website Management

You run or own company and know that your online presence is important. However, you do not have the time and manpower to take care of this important aspect of your business.
If this reflects your situation, we can help you with our website management. 

If you would like to know what is happening on your website, how to improve its visitor rate, quality of inquiries, sales, and conversions, our website management package will assist you.

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Internet & Website Audit

Our consultancy starts from the review of an existing website to examining a company’s entire digital architecture, here both front to the backend.

An integral factor for front-end examinations of a website or app is the seamless consumer end-to-end journey.
Key indicators will be used to assess the performance cycle on all platform levels.
Examinations of the digital architecture are very complex, therefore an initial discussion about the assessment pool will be held before deciding on the performance marketing indicators.

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Consultancy - Internet & Website Audit Consultancy - Internet & Website Audit