why do you need
organic social media?

Social Media, is influencing our lives and the many decisions we make.

Consequently, organic social media must be sensible to the eco system, the industry, the company, its community, followers, actual & potential clients.
Only then does it help increasing brand awareness, create interest, generate inquiries, and ultimately assists in improving sales.

Our Social Media Partners

Austria Business Center
Monili Jewellers
KMK Perfumes
P&O Marinas
GUlf Craft
P&O Sailing Academy
Rocky Real Estate
Scandinavian Physiotherapy Center DMCC
ARM Motors
Euro Star
Motei and Associates
Bedrock Prestige

What Do We Do?

  • Define mutual goals
  • Set social media strategy
  • Develop themes, topics and event build up strategies
  • Prepare and realize a social media calendar
  • Produce visuals, visual ads, videos, and written content
  • Developing monthly media calendars showing posts and postdate
  • Structuring posts in line with Client brand guidelines
  • Develop monthly agreed posts.
  • Community management
  • In-depth reporting
  • ….and much more

Inquire Now

      Why Us?

      Because we listen and are not overpromising! We will mutually analyze your current social media status, hear your goals and expectations, and define a strategy showing the path to achieve your goals through the chosen social media platforms. You are part of the process and never be left out. All steps along the way will be made with your knowledge and approval. Everything we do will reflect on your social media channels. With a view of your channels and in-depth reports on all the activities you can easily judge if you have chosen the right company to work with!